Alex Neilan, Edinburgh's Top Sports Dietitian

It can be frustrating and even upsetting if you work hard on improving your lifestyle or sports performance without seeing long term results. It is easy to feel confused with all the conflicting dietary messages that saturate social media.
My mission is to provide clarity with an unbiased and evidence-based approach to Sports Nutrition in Edinburgh, that can be easily understood and applied.
I provide affordable nutrition and training support to give people Structure, Motivation and Sustainable results. Being behaviour change trained, I help people become more self-motivated and confident in how they look and perform. Whether your goal is to run a marathon or to lose weight to feel more confident in your own skin, I can design a bespoke nutrition and training regimen tailored to your goals and requirements.
If you would like to discuss how we can work together please book a free consultation with me.

alex neilan

MSc, PgDIP, PgDIP, BSc (Hons)

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